Did a few month stint on Android during the release of "Live". Have since been on web from a two-man team with Bryce Sluman, to a three-man team with Josh Pena, to a four-man team with Ethan Dickinson.

Helped set up improved code-review and version-control practices. Saw through separation of web from platform team, and the appointment of a team manager. Worked with team manager to guide short and long-term plans for TuneIn.com.

Perhaps most importantly, instituted practice of goating at TuneIn.

  • TuneIn.com "FM"

    Led development of feed, a facebook-like infinite-scroll content-discovery feature on front-end. Oversaw development of profiles. Began cutting dependency from platform services, consuming our own API through a new web-service layer. Automated style generation for all assets in sprites.

  • TuneIn.com "SPA"

    Refactored client and server-side code to support new single-page application experience without any impact on existing SEO. Managed issues with a variety of audio players cross-browser to ensure seamless play.

  • Android "Live"

    Developed logic to manage button play state throughout application.

NIMS Database

Neurobiological Image Management System (NIMS) developed over the past two years alongside Bob Dougherty and Gunnar Schaefer at Stanford's Center for Cognitive and Neurbiological Imaging (CNI).

Given the confidential nature of patient data, and the lack of existing public data sets at this point in time, outsiders cannot access NIMS. In the meantime, check out an early demo video of the product.

First Cut

Kinect-driven gesture-controlled music recording application. Built over the course of a quarter in C# with the Kinect SDK. Great experience - lots of fun.


Mobile sleep tracking game designed for d.compress at Stanford, a design school class centered around building applications that promote calm in the lives of users.

Philz Experience

More design than software. Worked with students from a variety of disciplines in Social Brands at Stanford, creating an experience on the Stanford campus that engaged students in the Philz Coffee brand.